Commercial HVAC Services

Palen Kimball provides your St. Paul, MN, commercial building with reliable HVAC service at a reasonable cost to you. Call today to schedule our services.

Palen Kimball provides your St. Paul, MN, commercial building with reliable HVAC service at a reasonable cost to you. We work collaboratively with our customers to fully optimize their commercial properties ensuring greater efficiency for the people inside.

HVAC Services

Our qualified experts provide comprehensive HVAC services for your commercial property, including retro-fitting and mechanical design-build. Other HVAC services we provide include:

  • Account management services
  • Manufacturer warranty services
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Mechanical services
  • Preventative maintenance

Each of our services can be customized for your commercial business or property. Our focus is largely on preventative maintenance to ensure your HVAC system’s maintenance and optimization in the long run. We also perform important diagnostic tests to make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently and smoothly.

Service Procedure

Our commercial HVAC service procedure is simple for you. Here’s the process we follow:

  • Audit and evaluate your facility and energy use
  • Develop a custom preventative maintenance plan
  • Identify and replace equipment
  • Find and use available rebates and incentives
  • Implement new maintenance programs

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to increase your commercial property’s safety and efficiency. At Palen Kimball, we care our customers and we want to form long-term partnerships, forming a mutually beneficial relationship.

We’ll be honest with you through the entire process and if we don’t think we can meet or exceed the expectations you have of us, we’ll let you know so you can find the right fit.

Contact Our Experts

To get in touch with our commercial HVAC service experts, fill out the “Let’s Get Started” boxes at the bottom of our websites or give us a call. You can reach us via the following numbers:

  • Dispatch/Customer Service: 651-646-2800
  • Sales/Project Manager (Paul Benson): 612-919-5625
  • Operations Manager (Paul Vyhanek): 651-647-4528
  • General Manager (Mike Mingo): 651-523-6749

Call our team today for commercial HVAC service in the St. Paul, MN, area.

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What does it mean to be a Marsden company? Well, it means that we are part of one of America’s largest privately-held commercial cleaning and security firms. Supporting 25 distinct brands under one umbrella is unique in our industry. But we think it is a better way to serve our thousands of clients.

National Scope

We have five regional headquarters throughout the United States. Our Central Region with several firms services over 300,000,000 square feet with over 1000 employees and managers who live in the communities we serve.

Local Dedication

We self-perform an astonishing 97% of our business. When we bring new companies into our family we keep their local offices and maintain human resources and recruiting in the community, which allows us to invest in our clients – by really being there. We believe our clients want the hometown team, but also want deep and meaningful support from a sophisticated partner.

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