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Win-Win or No Deal

One of the main reasons Palen Kimball, L.L.C. customers do business with us year after year is that the overall cost of their operation is less while at the same time safety, efficiency, and productivity of their operation are improved. In most instances all of these benefits are provided at a cost significantly less than if the customer were to provide these services themselves. In short: Palen Kimball L.L.C. will improve the operational performance of your business while reducing your Cost of Operation or there is no reason for you to do business with us!

As you will see, from the start, this is a team process. It is critical for Palen Kimball L.L.C. to understand your process, your goals and your vision for your business before we make any recommendations.

The next step is discussion that takes place to determine what your requirements are for us to do business. You tell us what your requirements are—we don’t believe it’s our role to tell you what you should be satisfied with. If we feel it is impossible for us to match or exceed the level of satisfaction you currently have, we will determine that early on, as to make the best use of your time. On the other hand if there is an opportunity to make improvements, we will determine a mutually agreeable process to proceed with a Partnership.

Palen Kimball, L.L.C. is not looking to peddle a product, or help with a single project. We have learned that, through our long term Partnerships, we have provided the most value to our customers. Our customers have become better companies over the long-term, just as they have helped make Palen Kimball L.L.C. a better company. It has become a way of doing business for us—if you do not benefit from doing business with us, we do not benefit from having your business. It’s simple, “its win, win or no deal”!

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We're a Marsden Company!

Marsden Services is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States.Palen Kimball is a Marsden Services company. Marsden is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States. Through Palen Kimball's combined national support and local operations, we provide our clients with the strength of a large corporation with the individualized care of a small business.

National Scope

Marsden is one of the largest privately owned facility service providers in the United States. Marsden has over 50 offices throughout the United States and employs more than 10k people. Marsden has thousands of clients across the country and services over 300M square feet every day.

Local Dedication

Despite Marsden's national scope, Marsden focuses on the local markets in which it has acquisitions and office locations. Each office is invested in its community and local clients, providing personalized service. Like a small, local company, the regional offices make decisions on all aspects of their service operations and are empowered to manage their teams and respond to all client needs and requests.

Enterprise Resources

Marsden's local operating companies have the benefit of leveraging Marsden’s resources as a large organization – including staff, technology, equipment, supplies, information, industry experts, and financial support.
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