Partnering to lower costs and to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and compliance.


Palen Kimball, L.L.C. will be the recognized leader in Partnering and Providing superior Mechanical, Refrigeration, Heating, and Control Services and Solutions. The Palen Kimball, L.L.C. team is committed to excellence in our work environment, ultimately leading to customer delight.


Palen Kimball, L.L.C. is in the business of Partnering with our clients to lower Owning and Operating costs, and to improve Efficiency, Productivity, Safety, and Compliance.


To reduce the overall cost of your operation, thus making your business more profitable or the return on investment of your facility greater.

Finally, Palen Kimball, L.L.C. looks to proactively Partner with our customers long term. Many of Palen Kimball, L.L.C.’s Strategic Partnerships have been in place as long as 15 years. Palen Kimball, L.L.C.’s people, and our ability to innovate and change, have allowed us to become a trusted partner of some of the world’s largest and most discriminating companies.

Important News Update:  Palen Kimball Helps Client Win Energy Rebate

Always Clean. Always Green.®

What is Green Cleaning?
The simplest definition is: Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

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